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As your PCB Designer our goal is to keep your future cost’s for PCB manufacture and product assembly to a minimum. Our Designers want to make your product one that can compete in today’s competitive markets. We design all our PCB’s from netlist’s generated from schematic capture and use comprehensive design rule checks to maintain a high quality layout. We recognise that good parts placement, correct land pattern selection, and a thorough understanding of the assembly process are all key elements to creating a board that can be easily manufactured and assembled. The success of your product starts here.


PCB World Solutions Pty Ltd core business encompasses the sales representation and distribution of single, double and complex multilayer printed circuit boards to companies locally, nationally and internationally. All printed circuit boards are manufactured using advanced quality control systems and are recognized by ISO-9001, ISO14000, IPC-A-600, UL Certification and RoHS compliance if required. We offer the BEST PRICES of quality printed circuit boards in small, medium or mass volume. Our advanced quality control is strictly enforced until our product is ready for delivery to our customers. There is in-process quality control throughout the production process, and at the final stage, the circuit boards are passed to the Quality Control Department where 100% finished parts inspection is carried out with visual check and electrical bare board testing. Also available on request is high voltage testing, impedance control testing, micro-sectioning, thermal shock testing, solder testing, reliability testing, insulating resistance testing and ionic cleanliness testing. Get a free no obligation quote.


We will project manage your Surface Mount and conventional Through Hole assembly requirements from prototype to mass volume runs. Complete product manufacture from PCB design to PCB manufacture to component procurement to PCB assembly including functional testing as per your requirement, packaging and dispatch direct to you or to your customers. We can provide a totally transparent service if required. Your product will be assembled using state-of-the-art surface mount equipment, automated lead or lead-free wave soldering, experienced personnel in hand soldering and component loading together with the latest assembly technologies. This is the perfect combination to make PCB World Solutions your choice when it comes to your project management.


We can procure all your product components for you. We are competitive and remain so through the good relationships that we have built with our suppliers over many years. We work in partnership with our suppliers to ensure we achieve the most aggressive pricing and pass the savings on to you. Allowing you to concentrate on the development and marketing of your products. Simply let us take ownership of your Bill Of Materials and we will take care of the rest.

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